Guitar aficionados take note: this is six-string work of the highest order. And at the heart of all of this stunning virtuosity is the partnership of Dombert and Morello, whose indelible chemistry is evident throughout Sound and Clouds. - Bill Milkowski, July 2016

"Deeply impressive, exciting, masterful!“

Alexander Schmitz, Jazz Podium

"World class in every aspect!"

Archtop Germany

“Thus an astonishing, homogeneous, vivacious road movie on 24 strings is created which, at the same time, never gets out of hand. Four excellent, very different instrumentalists weld their art together in a vibrant, creative power station.“


"... this teaming-up of four string wizards is nothing less than a renaissance of the modern jazz guitar, a celebration of inspired dialogues and virtuoso improvisations, adventurous and intimate at the same time.

Acoustic Music